Since 2013, we sold first few vertical goods lifting hoist with basic simple design
(still in operation condition today). along the way working with the team of lifting mechanical
engineers and consultant lifting equipment’s can place it any corner of floor area, easy installation
without interference assisting building structure, with numbers of patent pending for operating
and safety featured, Safest & User-friendliest, our goods lifting equipment

Citi Ace Tech Pte Ltd has came a long way from decades ago to develop innovative and cost-efficient solutions for the warehousing industry, founded by our Managing Director and Master Designer Rovin Wong, we have solved many difficulties faced by companies in various industry dealing with goods lifting on warehouse and storage problems.
In this current fast pace and competitive era, companies are being pressured by many factors such delivery time, productivity measures, ageing manpower, workforce efficiency etc. Especially the companies who bears high stock inventory in their storage. With that concern in mind, we have innovated and developed a state-of-the-art Goods Lift for Warehouse and Storage Space after years of R&D, targeting to minimise time and manpower, at the same time maximising storage space in your warehouse.

Since different businesses have different requirements and usage, our wide range of Customised Goods Lift equipment’s to suit any businesses gives our customers a variety of options to determine and choose what is best needed for their current warehouse space. There will never be a project we can’t deliver with our close relationship with other leading racking companies, logistics companies and professional engineers for consultancy.

Apart from all these, all Citi Ace Goods Lift are in compliance with all the requirements according to the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) regulations, with Operating Certificate Inspection and Registered Authorised Examiner. You can enjoy a peace of mind while improving your workforce productivity, together with higher level of safety in your workplace